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TIFFOFF Inc. Consulting

Strategy Personified


We deliver what we promise.



To help our clients grasp their foundational purpose and achieve substantial value through structured, innovative approaches.   


Select sample of projects Joshua Dunsworth has led and/or been a key stakeholder on as part of his work history.


Strategy & Implementation

*Creation of robust organisational strategies, collaborative planning across business units and deployment methods that drive growth and profitability.

*Provide functional expertise within business units based on best practices and innovative approaches.

Experience & Design

*Leveraging tools & frameworks such as journey mapping, personas, design thinking, big data and innovation.

*Showcase key moments of truth for both internal and external clients and how they interact with your products and services.

Process & Performance

*Utilizing analytics & insights and lean methodolgies to reduce waste, increase efficiency and enhance processes. Including re-engineering and brand new processes.

* Identifying primary objectives, KPIs,  developing balanced scorecards and critical performance metrics.

Innovation & Change

*Introducing the right innovative approaches to your unique environment while driving a culture that embraces innovation.

*Embedding solutions that focus on short and long-term innovation, change mangement and business tranformation. 


TIFFOFF Inc. aims to see your organisation as one that has evolved from a robust foundation which includes your core purpose, vision and mission backed by robust strategic planning. We aim to evolve your processes and operations to achieve new heights that include the newest technologies and innovative approaches. We consistently strive to increase your profits, uplift your customer & employee satisfaction, lean out your operations while reducing your impact on the environment.

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“The best content in the world won’t drive revenue if nobody sees it.” Anonymous

“It is so refreshing to finally find a consulting company that provides practical advice, tactical solutions and professional execution.

Gone are the days when you pay a quarter of your annual budget for reommendations you can never implement.”

Michael Thompson, Client


Strategy Personified